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Tuesday Tales - Simple

Updated: Jun 27

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “simple”. We’re back with the Hallow Brothers in Decision.

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Joshua huffed. “Yeah, you do. She’s my mom. She’s going to watch you tonight so I can help May…I mean Mom and Prism. So everyone up. She’s expecting you.”

The murmurs that he came home to increased to a low roar as the children crawled out of bed and met him in the living room. Penelope and Connor took each of his hands. The rest gathered around him.

“Keep close,” he instructed. “The adults are working so we need to hurry and try to stay out of their way. Okay?”

They all nodded at him. He gave them a small smile then nudged the screen door open with his ass. He held it open like that to let those not holding onto him to pass through. He counted them as they shuffled outside. Once they were all outside, he followed them.

Like a mother duck and her ducklings, he led then across the camp to Momma’s cabin.

He wasn’t lying about everyone else working. What should have been a quiet forest in the middle of the night was filled with hammers banging on wood and trash bangs dragged along the grass. This wasn’t going to be a simple task. Nearly every adult was busy doing something. The only light illuminating their labor was the half moon and stars above.

Which begged the question; where were his nieces and nephews? Joshua shook his head and co tinted on. He has his own brood to worry about.

However, the answer to his question literally smacked him in the face as he stepped into Momma’s cabin. He didn’t see who threw the pillow at him as he filled the doorframe. By the shriek of giggles that came after it, he guessed it was his niece, Ruby. She was starting to act like her father. That wasn’t good thing,

“Look at all of you,” Momma greeted. “Come in. Make yourself at home. I have cookies and juice in the kitchen.”

His children flew past him out of sight in the direction. Penelope and Connor nearly took his arms off in the process.

“Mom, where did you get food? The camp was ravaged,” Joshua queried. “And how can you handle all these kids alone?”

Momma opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted by a voice from another room. “Evelyn, how do you open this package of cookies? These kids are going to eat me instead if I can’t get it open.”

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