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Tuesday Tales - Pipe

Updated: May 29

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “pipe”. We’re back with the Hallow Brothers in Decision.

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He found the six hybrid orphans frozen in their spots just a foot or two inside the living room. They were staring at the shimmering glass scattered on the floor. The metal pipe that laid in the middle of the broken glass must have been the tool that was used to create the mess.

“Hang on you four.” He dropped Sophie onto the sofa then delicately tiptoed across the room. The crunching beneath the bottom of his boots confirmed he wasn’t successful in avoiding the shards on the wooden floorboards. He searched the kitchen area for the broom and dustpan that he kept there.

He glanced up as he swept up the debris. All four children watched him intently. He had no idea they would be so fascinated watching him clean up. Their poor little minds would be blown when he introduced them to video games.

Once he dumped the last of the glass into the trash, he tucked the broom and dustpan back where tbey belonged. He turned back to this new family who were still staring silently at him.

“Bedtime,” he announced. He glanced over his shoulder at his second bedroom. Like his brothers’ homes, it served as his second office. He sighed. “This may be bad parenting but I’ve only been a dad for a few days. There’s a full sized futon in my office. Girls, you’ll be sleeping there. Boys, you get my bed.”

“Shouldn’t we be sleeping on the futon?” Fred questioned. Dang incubus in him picked up the lack of chivalry on Joshua’s part.

“Yes, kiddo,” Joshua confirmed. “But I have six brothers. One thing I know is guys fight even when they are sleeping. You’ll need the space. Off to bed.”

Penelope looked at him. He could see her concern. “Where are you going to sleep?”

He forced a smile on his face. “I don’t think I’m going to be sleeping. I’m going to go help Maya, I mean Mom, Prism and the rest of the family clean up and protect us. If we do, it’ll be on the couch. Prism may have to take the recliner. Now go.”

Five of the children shuffled to the rooms quietly. Of course, Sophie didn’t. Joshua didn’t even have to ask why but he did. “You need water, don’t you?”

She nodded without a word. He sighed as he gazed towards his bathroom. His shower was impressive but definitely couldn’t work as a bathtub. The trough that Kai used to use couldn’t be in great shape by the way the rest of the camp looked. “There’s only one place I can think of that may work, sweet pea. Let’s head over to Grandma’s.”

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