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Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Updated: Sep 20

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! We’re back with the Hallow Brothers in Decision. This week is a picture prompt.

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Maya pressed her headset to her ears and told her pilot thank you. She gave him a big smile as well. The man didn’t return the grin and she knew why. He had flown her everywhere in the past few months. In the last few hours he had seen things that were beyond unusual. They were horrifying. As he told her about it, she could see the disbelief in his eyes.

If only he knew what was really happening in the world around them. If he did, he would be terrified out of his skin. She slid the headset off her head, picked up her things and did her best to climb out of the helicopter with some grace. 

She stared across the highway at the ancient service station. For being from decades past, it looked brand new. Even the chrome from the pumps from that era glimmered in the sunshine. A well painted sign that spanned over the door and front window announced her destination. Sharky’s. She glanced for traffic on both sides of her before scuttling across the highway to it. 

A pile of lumber was stacked beneath the display window. A fluffy gold and black cat glared her down from its perch on the top of the pile. Maya barely set foot in the parking lot when it hissed at her.. 

She froze in her tracks. She may have been spawned from the depths of hell but she even knew not to cross paths with a creature with a short temper and sharp claws. 

“Ah, don’t mind ol’ Perceval, Miz Maya. ‘Is hiss hurts more than ‘is bite.”

Maya turned around to face the voice speaking to her. An older man in a pair of overalls and work shirt stood there. The grease on his clothes or his graying weren’t what robbed her of her voice.

The guy was see through. The was as transparent as the glass in the window. Worse than that? He knew her name.

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