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Tuesday Tales - Neck

Updated: May 3

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Last time, I offered an excerpt from the next Gods of DC story. The only problem is, I’m not sure where it is going to go So I am going to table it. In place of it, I will be moving up the book I had hoped to release in December. Which one would that be?

Decision - the 8th book in the Hallow Brothers Series! While there is one more book left before the series concludes, this will be the final one that involves the brothers themselves.

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The place was a complete disaster. Not that Joshua expected anything different after all that his family had gone through. The Wi-Fi tower was a pile of charred and splintered wood. Shards of glass shimmered in the light of the half moon beneath the windows they had been broken out of. The shadows of their belongings strewn all over the dirt made crossing the clearing to their cabins difficult.

There was going to be a lot of cleanup over the next few days.

“Maybe we should wait until morning?” he suggested to himself. Except the words he said came out loud enough for all his brothers to hear.

“No.” Josiah shut him down. “We need to put as much distance as possible between ourselves and Littlefoot’s tribe and we need to do it now. They’ve stuck their necks out for us. We need to vacate before they get them chopped off.”

“Stuck their necks out?” Samuel added. “They fucking sacrificed everything for us.”

“Even better reason to move back here tonight. Momma, the mates, the kids, everyone.”

“Easy for you to say,” Joshua countered. “You aren’t relocating a family of nine to a place an eighth of the size where we used to live.”

“Speaking of that.” Caleb spun at him. “Where the hell did all these kids come from? Do demons procreate that fucking fast?”

Joshua bent over to pick up a piece of glass. He tossed it against another to create a pile. The clink could be heard throughout the forest. “They don’t. They’re foster kids that Maya and I are adopting. They need a family.”

“You mean you are bringing human kids into this bullshit we’re dealing with?”

Joshua glared at his brother, staring at the face that matched his exactly except for the eye color. “No, I’m not. They’re not human.”

Micah raised his hand. “All in favor of giving Josh, Maya and their brood the gym until they can figure out how to grow their cabin?”

Ezekiel scowled at him. “Did anyone check to see if we still have a gym?”

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