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Tuesday Tales - Chin

Updated: May 3

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week’s word prompt is “chin”. We’re back with the Hallow Brothers in Decision.

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“We’ll make due tonight,” Joshua assured. He glanced around. “How are we keeping the bloodsuckers out?”

“I think your mate took care of that,” Samuel retorted.

“Nevertheless, we need to get the lights back on.” Josiah glanced up at the floodlights that the brothers had installed. There weren’t many left. Downed, splintered poles laid buried in the high grass. The lamps themselves were nowhere to be found.

“What floodlights?” Caleb countered.

“Don’t worry. You won’t need them.”

Joshua’s eyes widened as he looked towards the break in the trees where the road began that took them away from the camp. Maya stood there as did the rest of the mates. She held a sleepy Sophie in her arms.

He jogged over to her as his brothers followed. “What do you mean we don’t need them?”

“Magic, baby,” she answered. “Remember the symbols around our house back in California? They can do the same job here.”

“We think they protected it.”

She stared him in the eye. He understood the gravity of her words by her gaze. It froze his heart in his chest. “They did the job.”

His eyes widened. His chin must have hit the ground. She must have seen the vampires try to break in when they were taking refuge inside. Her power, the one infused into the wards she placed outside their home, stopped them.

His wife was such a badass.

“That’ll take you all night to set up,” Joshua reminded.

Maya shuffled Sophie in her arms until she could hold the child out to him. “It sounds like you’re going to be putting our family to bed, huh?”

He took Sophie from her and held her tight to him. “I guess so.”

“Is that where we’re going to live?” a small voice beside him asked.

Joshua glanced down to find Connor at his hip. The little half boy/half leprechaun was pointing at the half circle of cabins.

Joshua’s heart sank. The past few days they had lived in a practical mansion on the beach. This was a definite downgrade. “Yep, bud. The one missing a railing on the porch.

“Sweet. I can’t wait. Thanks, Dad.” He tore off towards the cabin. Penelope and Jeremy chased after him, giggling the whole way.

Joshua stared at them, dumbfounded. “He called me Dad.”

Sophie yawned against his chest. “Of course he did. That’s who you are now. Our Papa.”

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